Due to the ongoing playground development works, we will be putting into place some temporary changes to the morning and afternoon routines, hopefully just for this week, Weds 6th to Fri 8th September.


  • The gates to the playground will open as normal at 8:15
  • Rather than being left on the old ‘quiet’ playground, behind the old (gone) rainbow fence, children are to head for the MUGA (sports pitch). There will be senior staff there to supervise children who are ‘dropped’. Parents/carers are, of course, welcome to stay with their children, outside the MUGA, until the bell.
  • The first bell will ring as normal at 8:25.
  • All class teachers will be present to guide their new classes in on the first day.
  • Children arriving after the first bell will wait on the MUGA until the 2nd bell at 8:40 before making their way to their classrooms via the Hall corridor. Senior staff and/or class teachers will be present to help children find their way on the first day.


  • Mr Chell will not open the gates for parents/carers to access the playground until 3:25. This is to enable us to get Key Stage Two into position in a clear space.
  • Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) can be collected from the Hall corridor doors. This will be the usual arrangement.
  • Key Stage Two will have made their way up a bit early, to position themselves with their teachers along the fence to the quiet playground, but in front of of rather than behind. This is to keep them physically separated from the workmen on the quiet playground.

Early Years

  • Nursery (Blossoms) arrangment as usual, which is simply to deliver to the door at 8:30
  • Reception are not starting until 9am and will be collected by staff at the Main Gate. There will be a member of staff present at the Main (Parkdale Road) gate from 8:55.