We have had a few enquiries recently about smoking and vaping on our grounds. It’s not something we have ever had a big problem with and we still don’t. As in many locations though, vaping might be a bit of a ‘grey area’ with people understandably unclear on the rules.

At our school, we take seriously our duty to promote children and young people’s wellbeing and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (Education and Inspection Act, 2006). We see our commitment to creating a smoke free environment and developing pupil’s knowledge, attitudes and skills in decision making around smoking as part of our work on keeping children and young people safe around drugs and managing risk.

We still follow the legacy 2016 Nottinghamshire County Council Smoke Free School Policy, which continues to apply to academies on former Notts CC sites.

Please note that the scope of this includes all forms of smoking, including e-cigarettes/vaping. We recognise the potential value of vaping as a means of giving up smoking cigarettes, but are also aware of rising number of young vapers who have never been smokers, often influenced by seeing adults or other young people vaping. WIth this in mind, no form of smoking is permitted on our site.