Friends of Parkdale are holding a Big Christmas Hamper Raffle to raise money for extra school activities and resources to support your child’s learning at Parkdale.

If you are able, we would like your support by donating small items that can be put into a hamper.  They could be food, chocolates, sweets, small toys, toiletries, treats, etc.  Please send donations to your class teacher that match the colour of your child’s House group [Wollaton, Rufford, Newstead, Clumber] and we will then create the hampers by combining all the individual donations.

Raffle Tickets will be sold by members of FOP after school week beginning 6th December along with some craft and fun packs to keep your children busy over the holidays.

Donations into school by Monday 6th

Ticket sales from Monday 6th – Friday 10th

Big draw on Monday 13th

Thank you for your continued support.

The official raffle draw will take place, verified by the office, on Monday 13th December.  Winners will be informed and prizes will be distributed to your child’s classroom in the final week of school.