We have been asked to host a contribution to a Radio 4 Today Programme special on adult literacy. We would anticipate hosting this in our newly redeveloped Library, perhaps tying it in with the official Library re-opening. The date is not yet confirmed but is likely to be mid to late November.

If you would be willing to discuss literacy, particularly the challenges faced in supporting your child to learn to read, please feel free to either contact Josh Searle directly or contact Mr Hillier.

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme is working on a special project to be aired this Christmas. It will explore adult literacy, looking at the extent to which adults in the UK struggle with aspects of reading and writing.  

As part of this, we’re keen to speak to parents who – either occasionally or often – find it difficult to read with their children.

It would involve pre-recording an interview with us at some point in November. This would be face-to-face at the school and take around ten minutes. We would run through the questions beforehand and, if you’d prefer, we don’t need to use real names. It would be audio-only, with no filming. If this is something you’d like to help us with, please email Joshua.searle@bbc.co.uk or speak to/email the headteacher, Mr Hillier: head@parkdale.notts.sch.uk